Sugar Daddy


Per Gram: <175mg CBD | <6mg THC

Visual: A sativa with strong bud structure and orange hairs.

Smell / Taste: Ripe fruits and spice.

Effects: Uplifting excitement.

Pre-rolled. Greenhouse-grown in the USA. Hand-crafted. Double-sealed with a humidity pack for maximum freshness.


The Strain

Sugar Daddy is a Legals exclusive. This sativa has a powerful aroma and flavor (notes of black pepper and sweet fruits). Perfect for a lively day-time smoke.

Grow Method + Location

Sugar Daddy is greenhouse-grown using light deprivation techniques by a small, family farm in North Carolina (USA).

Freshness Guaranteed

We double-seal all of our products in a corked, glass vial or jar. Humidity packs are included to preserve optimal moisture levels.

30ct Option Note: The 30ct PreRoll option comes in an unlabeled glass jar. If you order 30ct jars in multiple strains, we will put a temporary mark on each so you can distinguish between them. Please be careful not to break your PreRolls with the lid (they must lean slightly to fit properly).