Pear Pressure HHC


An upgrade to the wildly popular, original Legals D8 Gummies! With 50mg HHC in each 3.5 gram cube, these gummies pack a positively euphoric body punch.

HHC is a unique, psychoactive cannabinoid. It’s simply THC with a hydrogen bond added. HHC extract is more pure than THC, and we think you can feel it in the effects it produces.

We like to say “the ‘H’ stands for Happy,” because HHC’s effects on your mindset are more ‘happy go lucky’ than traditional THC, which can stress some consumers out.

HHC’s effects are more pronounced in the body than the mind. Most people feel the intense strength of THC, but with a pleasant, unexpected mental clarity.

Sugar-coated + melt-resistant + vegan + no bitter taste. Made in the USA. Hand-crafted. Double-sealed for maximum freshness.

Strength Warning: POTENT! These gummies are ~2.5x as potent as one standard Colorado recreational edible serving. Effects take 15 minutes to 2 hours to set in. Edibles are no joke. Start small (you can always eat more).


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Quality Guaranteed

All of our gummies are made by hand in small batches. We fully cure our gummies to the point mold is not possible, and we seal them to prevent them from drying out further over time.

Warning: No statements herein have been evaluated by the FDA. This is not medicine or a supplement. Made from hemp for The LGS Group LLC.

Large Quantity Note: The 50ct and 100ct options come in an unlabeled jar.