Day Trip


Day Trip is made for exploring on a pristine, sunny day. It has a Sour Green Apple flavor.

Enjoy with a magic, psychedelic twist (100% legal). Effects include enhanced euphoria, feelings of positivity, and a grounded, natural energy. There’s nothing like it!

6.3 gram gummy ropes with nerd candies on the inside. 250mg of exotic cannabinoids, psychoactive botanicals, & mushroom extract per rope. 5 servings per rope.

Sugar-coated + melt-resistant + vegan + no bitter taste. Made in the USA. Hand-crafted. Double-sealed for maximum freshness.

Strength Warning: POTENT! One whole rope is 12.5x as potent as one standard dispensary edible serving. Effects take 15 minutes to 2 hours to set in. Edibles are no joke. Start small (you can always eat more).


Quality Guaranteed

All of our gummies are made by hand in small batches. We fully cure our gummies to the point mold is not possible, and we seal them to prevent them from drying out further over time.

Warning: No statements herein have been evaluated by the FDA. This is not medicine or a supplement. Made from hemp for The LGS Group LLC.