Cosmic Peach


First-of-their-kind Blunt Lollipops!

Blunts coated in 400mg of Delta-8, Live Resin, and Kief. Plus, Peach flavored hard candy tips infused with 100mg Delta-8. Enjoy an edible & an inhalable at the same time!

Melt-resistant + vegan + no bitter taste. Made in the USA. Hand-crafted. Double-sealed for maximum freshness.

Strength Warning: POTENT! These hard candies are 5x to 10x as potent as one standard dispensary edible serving. Effects take as little as 5 minutes to set in. Edibles are no joke. Start small (you can always eat more).


Freshness Guaranteed

We double-seal all of our products in a corked, glass vial or jar.

Warning: Consume at your own risk. No statements herein have been evaluated by the FDA. This is not medicine or a supplement. Made from hemp for The LGS Group LLC.