CHILL 35mg


The CHILL puck: made for kicking back. This puck is great for unwinding after a hard day’s work. Watermelon Sugar flavored by the best candy flavor house in America.

Potent AF: 5 gram gummy pucks, each with 35mg Delta-8 THC + 10mg CBG + 5mg CBN + Reishi + Vitamin B12. THC & Exotic Cannabinoids + Botanical Supplements = Unmatched Effects

Perks: Sugar-coated + melt-resistant + vegan. Made by hand in the USA. Sealed for freshness. Formulated by a NASA engineer, not your Uncle Kenny. Stronger than dispensary gummies (and yes, they’re legal!)

Strength Warning: POTENT! These gummies are 2x as potent as one standard Colorado recreational edible serving. Effects take 15 minutes to 2 hours to set in. Edibles are no joke. Start small (you can always eat more).


Quality Guaranteed

All of our gummies are made by hand in small batches. We fully cure our gummies to the point mold is not possible, and we seal them to prevent them from drying out further over time.

Warning: POTENT! Effects take 15 minutes to 2 hours to set in. Start small (you can always eat more). Consume at your own risk.No statements herein have been evaluated by the FDA. This is not medicine or a supplement. Made from hemp for Potent-C LLC.

Large Quantity Note: The 20ct, 40ct, and 80ct options come in an unlabeled jar.