Become a Legals Dealer

Earn money as a brand ambassador

We're working hard to make it easy for Americans to enjoy cannabis freely. But, our product is new and unfamiliar, and we can't advertise it through usual means.

Help us spread the good word the way cannabis has always spread in America: through trust and relationship.

Three Ways to Earn


Get access to (1) wholesale pricing at 30% off, (2) a unique coupon code you can share in your promotions, and (3) unique URL's for promoting our website and the Dealer Program.

Our software will monitor clicks through your URL's and uses of your coupon code to track and compensate you for your hard work.


Capitalize on wholesale pricing by selling Legals offline.


Earn up to 20% of what your network buys online, forever.


Refer qualifying dealers and earn 5% of their sales, forever

Ready to Get Started?

So are we.

Apply today and we will manually review your submission in the next 3 days to see if you're a good fit for the team.

If you qualify, we'll call you to get you set up in our system, answer all your questions, and set you up with any product or print materials you may need to be successful.

The Legals Dealer Program exists to incentivize our happy customers bring us more happy customers.  You’re probably going to talk about our product anyways, and we want to compensate you for that.

There are three ways you can earn:

(1) When you refer new customers to, you will earn a commission on everything they purchase from us forever.

(2) When you refer new Dealers to our program, you will earn 5% of all sales they refer to

(3) When you sell Legals Hemp Flower in-person, you will earn 43% profit over your cost.

Our system tracks all of your hard work through clicks on your links and uses of your coupon code.

We handle all payment, order fulfillment and customer service for your referred online orders.

Remember– you earn commissions on every single purchase your referred customers make on, forever!

We will provide you with a unique URL and a unique coupon code.

When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, or uses your coupon code to make a purchase, our software identifies them as your referral.  Then we credit your account accordingly.

We pay your commissions every 30 days via Check or PayPal.

As with most ambassador / affiliate programs, there is a $100 minimum balance threshold that must be met before payments will be disbursed.  In any month where your balance of commissions due exceeds the $100 threshold, your balance will be disbursed to you.

Your commissions will never expire while you work to meet this threshold.  In any month where your balance of commissions due does not meet the $100 threshold, your balance will be rolled over to the next month.

Becoming an Dealer is free to join, but it is not an open program.  There is an approval process. Not everyone that applies will automatically become a Dealer.  See below: “Who qualifies for the Dealer Program?”

If your promotional strategy involves a lot of offline activity, you can purchase business cards, brochures, and product at wholesale prices to assist you in your efforts.

Applying is easy. Begin the application by giving us your contact information in form above.

Then, we’ll ask some questions about you and your plans.  We’ll review your submission to see if you’re a good fit.

Due to the exceptional volume of applications we’ve been receiving lately, please give us 3 business days to get back to you after submitting your application.

After qualifying for the Dealer program, we will follow up by phone or email to help you get started.

Once you’re in the program, you will have access to our internal system where you can track your referrals, earnings, and payouts.

This system will also display your information, our training materials, any available promotional materials, and our product promotion guidelines.

We will keep you in the loop as to what types of special offers we run company wide each week.

Everyone is welcome to apply to join the Dealer Program.  We are looking for passionate people who are trusted by their peers, who know cannabis, and who align well with our brand values & goals.

We will assess your application for (1) knowledge of our products, (2) size of network, and (3) quality of your promotional strategy.

We reserve the right to add Dealers and remove Dealers from the program at any time and for any reason.

For instance, we may remove a Dealer from our program for misusing our materials, for becoming unaligned with our brand, for promoting our brand in any objectionable way (e.g. foul language, violence, discrimination), or if we become aware that a Dealer is involved in illegal activities.

You will definitely want to invite people you know to become Dealers. Legals pays Dealers 5% of all sales their referred Dealers refer to

Dealers should take care to invite only those people who are likely to qualify for the Dealer Program.  See above: “Who qualifies for the Dealer Program?”

Yes!  Dealers can buy products from Legals for resale at wholesale prices (30% discount).

So, you actually make a greater profit selling product in-person.  You can buy our PreRolls for $7 and sell them for $10. You can buy our 3.5g jars for $28 and sell them for $40.  And so on, and so forth.

This is a great way to activate a new customer immediately.  When a Dealer sells Legals in-person, they should offer their customer a brochure and a business card with their unique coupon code.

Then, if the customer enjoys the product, they can continue to purchase online and the Dealer will be compensated for every future purchase that customer makes on